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Acquired Brain Injury Care

Living with an Acquired Brain Injury

An acquired brain injury can be a life-altering experience, both for the individual and their loved ones. Navigating the journey towards recovery can feel overwhelming, but you are not alone. At A Star Care we understand the unique challenges you face and are here to offer comprehensive support and guidance.

Rehabilitation with Solihull Live-in Care Services

Everyday tasks, once performed without a thought, now present significant hurdles. This is the reality for many individuals living with acquired brain injuries and their families. The journey towards recovery requires immense strength, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Such challenges may include:

  • Cognitive, sensory, and emotional changes that are not immediately noticed.
  • Shorter attention spans, problems remembering things, and a declining ability to process information quickly.
  • High levels of physical fatigue and an increase in their need for breaks.
  • Loss of identity, an overwhelming fear of the future, and low self-esteem.

Our specialised acquired brain injury live-in care services ensure that individuals who experience brain damage after birth can be supported during rehabilitation and recovery at home.

When to Consider Support for Acquired Brain Injury

The most rapid recovery from ABI occurs within the first 18 months to two years after the injury. However, recovery can be lifelong, with ongoing improvements and adjustments. Whatever your case may be, we are here for you.

You should consider hiring a live-in ABI caregiver when:

  • The patient’s cognitive and physical abilities start to decline.
  • If it’s not safe for the patient to be alone around the clock due to ABI-related impairments.
  • The family members taking care of the patient start to feel overwhelmed and need respite.
  • You think the patient will benefit with live in care as compared to residential care.

Our Acquired Brain Injury Care Services

When your loved one faces the challenges of an acquired brain injury, their journey to recovery is deeply personal. At A Star Care, we understand the complexity of individual needs, offering compassionate and dedicated live-in care specialists to ensure their well-being and a path toward renewed possibilities.

24/7 Supervision: Constant supervision around the clock to ensure the safety of patients and quickly respond to emergencies.

Personal Care: We assist with daily tasks like bathing, dressing, and medication management, always prioritising dignity and individual needs. We also do light housekeeping tasks, including laundry and meal preparation.

Medication Management: Assistance with medication management, including administering medication as scheduled and monitoring for side effects.

Rehabilitation Programs: Working with healthcare professionals, we create individualised rehabilitation programs to promote physical and cognitive progress.

Companionship: Our caregivers go beyond the practical, providing companionship and emotional support, and fostering a sense of connection and well-being.

Live-in Care Or Residential Care?

It can be incredibly tough to choose the right care option for a loved one, especially after a life-altering event like an acquired brain injury. Whether it’s live-in care or residential care, navigating the choices can feel overwhelming.

Live-in care brings dedicated support into your loved one’s familiar environment. Imagine their usual routine, their favourite chair, the comfort of their own walls, all while receiving personalised care. This option can be ideal for individuals who thrive in familiar surroundings and find comfort in maintaining a sense of independence.

On the other hand, residential care prioritises constant supervision and structured rehabilitation, meaning it is highly likely that patients will not get the undivided attention of caregivers.

Live-in care is, therefore, an excellent option for those who prefer an acquired brain injury caregiver who prioritises their individual needs and autonomy in a comfortable environment.

Find the Right Caregiver For You

Find the Right Live-in Caregiver in Solihull for you. At A-Star Care, we understand that finding the perfect caregiver is essential for your family. Our approach goes beyond skills and qualifications. We focus on matching caregivers who not only excel in their roles but also connect on a personal level with your loved ones.

Connect With Us: Contact A-Star Care to discuss your unique situation and the services you require. Arrange a consultation to speak with our team and discuss your personal needs. We’ll form a personal plan for the patient with customised services.

Home Assessment: Our team members will visit your home, assess the environment, and collaborate with you to create a customised care plan.

Care Matchmaking: We’ll tap into our network of experienced professionals to find the ideal ABI caregiver for your family.

Seamless Transition: The chosen ABI caregiver will move into your home, ensuring your loved one receives the compassionate care they deserve.

Receive The Support You Need

Contact us today to discuss how our Solihull live-in acquired brain injury care services can make a difference in their recovery journey.

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