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Companionship Care

Feeling Isolated? Find A Caregiver To Take Care Of Your Needs

Do you miss having someone to chat with, share stories, or simply enjoy a cup of tea and a friendly face? Feeling alone can be tough, especially if you’ve lost loved ones or find it difficult to get out and about.

At A Star Care, we know how important companionship is. That’s why we connect you with caring individuals in Solihull who can provide more than just help with daily tasks. Our companions are there to bring a bit of sunshine into your day, with friendly conversation, shared activities, and a listening ear.

Whether you’d like to reminisce about old times, discover new hobbies together, or just have someone to accompany you on outings, our Solihull companion carers can be there for you. They’re understanding, patient, and have a wealth of experience, so you’re sure to find someone who clicks with you. Let us help you reconnect with the joy of social interaction and feel valued and supported again with companionship care.

What Do Our Solihull Companionship Caregivers Do?

At A-Star Care, our commitment is to provide compassionate, reliable, and personalised care to combat loneliness and enhance the quality of life for older adults in Solihull. We focus on creating meaningful connections and ensuring the well-being of our clients through dedicated companionship care services.

Our companions engage clients in social, physical, and mental activities while ensuring their safety within and outside their homes. While our companions may assist with daily activities, their primary focus is on companionship and ensuring the well-being of our clients.

Our services include:

  • Engaging in meaningful conversation and offering friendship
  • Accompanying clients for walks or engaging in light exercises
  • Offering reminders for medications or other routine tasks
  • Light housekeeping to maintain a clean and safe environment
  • Transportation for doctor appointments and running errands
  • Assistance with bathing and personal care, respecting individual preferences

Choose A Solihull Companionship Care Arrangement That Works For You

In-Home Companionship Care In Solihull

Many older adults in Solihull prefer to stay in the comfort of their own homes. Our in-home companion care services offer scheduled visits tailored to individual needs. Our companions familiarise themselves with clients’ routines and preferences, ensuring a personalised and supportive experience.

Live-in Companionship Care In Solihull

For those requiring continuous support, such as individuals with dementia or chronic conditions, our live-in companions provide round-the-clock care. These companions perform similar duties to in-home companions but are available throughout the day and night, offering assistance as needed, even during emergencies.

Find the Right Solihull Companion Caregiver For You

Whether you prefer companionship  care visits in your home or someone to share your living space, we take the time to understand your personality, needs, and preferences. We’ll then match you with a compatible companion who shares similar interests and can provide the exact kind of support you’re looking for.

All our Solihull companion caregivers go through a rigorous screening process and specialised training to ensure they’re not only qualified but also compassionate and professional. Here’s how our personalised matching process works…


We take the time to understand your unique needs, preferences, and any specific requirements for care. This assessment may involve discussions about medical history, daily routines, personal preferences, and the level of assistance required.

Care Plan Development

Following the initial assessment, our dedicated professionals work closely with you and your family to create a care plan that includes the assistance required, the frequency of care, the preferred schedule, and any other essential details crucial to your well-being.

Thoughtful Matching

Once the care plan is established, our team meticulously matches you with a caregiver who aligns with your individual needs, personality and temperament to ensure a trustworthy bond.


At A-Star Care, we prioritize the harmonious relationship between our clients and companionship caregivers. Before matching, we conduct in-depth assessments to understand your unique preferences, personality traits, and specific needs. We then meticulously select our Solihull companionship caregivers based on these factors, ensuring a compatible and supportive match that aligns with your lifestyle and preferences.

We understand the importance of consistency and comfort in caregiving relationships. Whenever possible, we aim to match you with the same caregiver for each visit, fostering familiarity and building a strong bond. However, in situations where a specific companion caregiver may not be available, we ensure that the replacement companionship caregiver is briefed thoroughly about your preferences and needs.

Yes, our Solihull companionship caregivers undergo comprehensive training that specifically focuses on companionship care. They are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide not only emotional support but also engage in meaningful social, physical, and mental activities.

Your satisfaction and comfort are our top priorities. If, for any reason, you feel that the assigned Solihull companionship caregiver isn’t the right fit, we encourage open communication. We’ll promptly address your concerns and work diligently to reevaluate the caregiver match, ensuring that your needs and preferences are met to your satisfaction.

Find Your Perfect Companion

Connect with us to start your Solihull companionship care services assessment and our team will connect you with the perfect companion. Get started…

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