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Night Care

Worried About Being Left Alone At Night?

At A Star Care, we understand that nighttime can bring uncertainties, especially when facing health challenges. That’s why we offer compassionate and experienced night care, ensuring a peaceful slumber and a trusted presence by your side.

No matter the medical condition or disability, our flexible night care services adapt to your specific needs. Whether it’s assistance with medication, gentle monitoring, or simply offering a comforting presence, our dedicated caregivers are there when you need them most.

Sleep Peacefully, Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

We go beyond simply providing assistance; we take immense pride in offering night care services in Solihull that prioritise your dignity, independence, and the familiar routines that bring you comfort. Our unwavering commitment is to your well-being, ensuring you feel safe, secure, and supported throughout the night. Right in the familiar and comforting surroundings of their own home, you can sleep soundly and have peace of mind.

Our live-in night caregivers in Solihull offer two specialised night care services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients in the comfort of their homes.

Waking Nights

During waking nights, our Solihull night caregivers stay awake and alert throughout the entire night to provide continuous care, assistance and monitoring when you need them.

From aiding with daily tasks to monitoring health conditions and providing immediate help in emergencies, our live-in night caregivers ensure you have their undivided attention, prioritising your safety and well-being at all times

Sleeping Nights

For those who require a reassuring presence during the night, our sleeping nights service is ideal. Our live-in night caregivers in Solihull stay overnight, remaining on-site and available to assist whenever needed. While they rest during designated hours, they’re prepared to offer immediate support, ensuring a sense of security and prompt assistance in case of emergencies or any necessary aid during night time hours.

What's Included In Our Night Care Services In Solihull?

Our night time care services in Solihull offer essential support for individuals requiring assistance during the night, ensuring their comfort and safety while they rest.

  • Assisting with safe movement in and out of bed, aiding the use of mobility devices, and adjusting positions to prevent discomfort.
  • Supporting toileting needs, including guiding to the bathroom, using commodes, or managing adult diapers if necessary.
  • Ensuring timely administration of prescribed medications following personalised care plans.
  • Monitoring the client’s condition overnight, including vital signs, pain levels, and addressing any signs of distress.
  • Preparedness to handle emergencies like falls or sudden health issues, promptly contacting medical professionals or family members if necessary.
  • Offering emotional support and companionship to ease feelings of isolation or night time anxiety.

Why Choose A Star Night Care Service?

Experienced Caregivers

Our live-in caregivers are meticulously trained to provide personalised care, attending to your needs throughout the night.

Tailored Support

We develop tailored live-in night care plans to ensure our services align with the unique needs of our patients.

Familiarity Of Home

Our night care services enable you or your loved ones to receive necessary care without the need to move into a residential care facility, promoting emotional well-being.

Enhanced Safety And Security

With live-in support, you have constant supervision and immediate assistance available at any time during the night giving you peace of mind, especially in emergencies.

Match With A Solihull Night Caregiver Today

Our team is ready to design a care plan tailored to your unique needs and match you with a waking night or sleeping night caregiver. Whether it’s a short stay in preparation for lights out, or you require a long stay, overnight carer, we’ll cater to your needs. 


Our caregivers undergo a meticulous selection process involving comprehensive background checks and interviews to ensure they meet our high standards. They are not only qualified professionals but are also chosen for their empathy, reliability, and dedication. Furthermore, they receive ongoing training to stay updated with the latest caregiving techniques and practices, ensuring they provide top-notch care.

Absolutely! Our waking night and sleeping night care plans are flexible and adaptable. If there are changes in your needs or preferences, our team works closely with you and your family to adjust the care plan accordingly.

Our waking nights and sleeping nights caregivers are trained to handle emergencies efficiently. We conduct regular safety assessments in the home environment to minimise risks. Additionally, we maintain open communication with families and have protocols in place to respond promptly to any unforeseen situations.

Yes! Our night care services are flexible and can be arranged for short-term or long-term periods, depending on your needs. Whether it’s temporary support after surgery or ongoing care for chronic conditions, our sleeping nights and waking night caregivers are here for you.

We understand the importance of compatibility and comfort between our caregivers and clients. Before assigning a live-in night caregiver, we take into consideration your preferences, needs, and personality traits. We encourage introductory meetings between the client and the caregiver to ensure a good fit before our services are provided.

Get in touch with us today and match with a carer for your live-in night care service and sleep peacefully…

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