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Night Care Assistant

Are you or your loved one in need of dedicated night time support and care? Look no further than A Star Care– your reliable partner for compassionate and professional Night Care Assistant services. At A-Star Care, we are proud to provide live-in night care services in Solihull that prioritise dignity, independence, and the preservation of a familiar routine. Our dedication is to guarantee the comfort, safety, and well-being of individuals in need of specialised care throughout the night. In the reassuring and familiar confines of their own homes, you can rest peacefully and experience peace of mind.

Our night care assistants will remain awake throughout the night, monitoring you and staying alert for any medical conditions that may need attention. As our carers are live-in assistants, they will offer a reassuring presence during the night and are there in the lead-up to your sleep time, and there in your waking hours. Prepared for immediate support, your night care assistant is experienced and equipped with the knowledge and skills to manage all situations.

What Your Night Care Assistant Will Assist You With

  • Assisting in safe movement in and out of bed and supporting mobility when needed. Including using mobility devices and preventing discomfort.
  • Assistance with toileting needs such as guiding to the bathroom and managing adult diapers etc.
  • Medicine administration and monitoring of personal prescriptions.
  • Monitoring clients’ conditions while they sleep, including checking vital signs and signs of distress.
  • Prepared to handle emergencies should they occur. This could include falls, or contacting medical professionals or family members when necessary.
  • Offering emotional support. Our night care assistants are companions as much as they are carers and can ease your feelings and anxiety.

Find the Perfect Match

A Star Care believe in finding a career that’s compatible with you and your needs. We try our best to match a night care assistant to you, whom we know you will get along with and who can support you in the right way. Our care plans are tailored to every person we care for, meaning we put your comfort and happiness first. Live-in care is a great alternative to care homes and can offer better emotional support as well as physical care.

A live-in night care assistant can benefit individuals by providing reassurance and safety when you need it most. We want to encourage agency and independence in our clients as much as possible, and even with our support that’s achievable with live-in care.

Night Care Near Me

A night care assistant service provides support and assistance during night time hours to individuals who may need help with various activities or have specific care needs. This service is particularly beneficial for elderly individuals, those with disabilities, or individuals recovering from illness or surgery. The primary goal is to ensure the well-being and safety of the clients during the night.

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